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Today, it's safe to say that Europe is a major economical and political center of power.As for its people, they are an innovative, optimistic and resilient group who changed our world for the better more than once, and surely they will do it again.

However, it's still widely referred to as an individual continent.

In short, the Greek culture provided the foundation of modern Western culture.

Of the great civilizations to develop in Europe, the previously mentioned Roman Empire certainly had the most lasting influence.

During its often tumultuous 500-year period of innovation, it changed the continent and had a profound and lasting influence on the development of modern architecture, language, law and religion.

After its collapse, the Eastern Roman Empire survived (285-1450) as the Byzantine Empire.

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For reference purposes it is shown above, however, the entire country (as a whole) is still considered part of the continent of Asia. Its Eastern border is defined by the Ural Mountains and in the South it is defined by the border with Kazakhstan.

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