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Body mass is transferred through the pelvis, thighs, and legs to the heels, balls of the feet, and toes.

This ancestral species does not constitute a “missing link” along a lineage but rather a node for divergence into separate lineages.Fortunately for paleoanthropologists, some bones show dramatic signs of how a given hominin carried itself, and the adaptation to obligate terrestrial bipedalism led to notable anatomic differences between hominins and great apes.These differences are readily identified in fossils, particularly those of the quadrupedal primates.Certainly, the trove of fossils from Africa and Eurasia indicates that, unlike today, more than one species of our family has lived at the same time for most of human history.The nature of specific fossil specimens and species can be accurately described, as can the location where they were found and the period of time when they lived; but questions of how species lived and why they might have either died out or evolved into other species can only be addressed by formulating scenarios, albeit scientifically informed ones.

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