Cast of eight simple rules for dating my daughter

Amy Yasbeck, John Ritter's widow, will release a book detailing her life with John Ritter next Tuesday, September 7th.

The book includes chapters detailing their early lives, how they met, their life and work together, and her life after John's death.

8 Simple Rules: Season 2 is almost out on DVD, it comes out May 19th, and Sitcoms have posted their review.

Those of us hoping that the change of distributor, from Buena Vista to Lionsgate, might mean better special features, will be disappointed.

A feature was produced in 2007 for a DVD planned by BVHE, but its production by BVHE might have prevented it from being included on this release.

Similarly, the ABC special '' may not have been possible either.

In 2004, James Garner received the Screen Actors Guild lifetime achievement award in recognition of his long and illustrious career.

It is a shame that Lions Gate weren't able to produce any special features for this release.

It is crucial that we buy this release, even with its faults, to try ensure all episodes of will one day be on DVD.

That will come as a great disappointment to fans hoping for a tribute to John Ritter to be included with his final episodes.

The reason for the lack of special features remains a mystery.

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