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Marie kissed her son on the mouth and says”Stephen, that’s the idea isn’t it you sleeping with me and so forth”!Marie was wearing her gown, it was a shear white gown which is see through.Marie asks”Stephen sweetheart, I know what your answer will be but I’m gonna ask it any way, you want to sleep with me for a while I really don’t want to be alone”?Stephen had a big smile, answers”Anything for you mom, is that included you know what”?Jessica is developing tits and has pubic hairs now just like her mother Marie!Stephen know’s how big his mother’s tits are and how hairy she is!This story is complete fiction; and unauthorized by the singer.

Having incest sex with her son is the greatest exercize there is.Marie had to contain herself and not moan too loud as she feels her son’s hot sperm shooting inside her pussy!Marie have such good orgasms feeling sperm inside her, it’s a rush. Marie lays there with a big smile on her cute face, then leans on Stephen and says”You made me so good honey thank you”. Just before sunrise, Marie was on top of her son sucking his cock and Stephen was tasting his mother’s sweet pussy juice, and he was enjoying it.Marie says”Stephen, I want to be a couple ok act like we just got married and we’re on our honeymoon, and what does married couple’s do”?Stephen smiles as he lays on top of his mother kissing her. Stephen’s cock was hard as it was rubbing on his mother’s furry mound.

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