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It's not as trivial as moving a VM, but that's a technology that has been around a very long time, and it works.Besides, with VM, you can't actually move VMs seamlessly.If you love that GUI thingy, just whip up Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) or Enterprise Manager; it can do these for you.Gordhamer: You can move VMs from one environment to another, so once a full application is configured in a VM (or made into a template), it could be easily replicated to production.This deployment method is also a one-time kind of movement in general.Databases are constantly changing, so you can't "redeploy" the VM guest to production without taking very special care of your data or having a unique design.This reduces the number of physical systems, hence reducing the number of sysadmins needed.

Arup Nanda: Let's not forget consolidating multiple databases on a single piece of hardware.There will be downtime, no matter how small, in the entire database.With RAC, you can move to a different physical server one instance at a time without a full outage.Gary Gordhamer: Let's start off with virtual machine technology like VMWare, Oracle VM, KVM and Virtual Box.This database server virtualization technology provides some of the quickest ways to bring up a full database server with complete isolation, controlled performance, a high degree of reliability and using low-cost hardware.

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