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According to index.hu, probably the most famous piece of the Hungarian history of maps is the huge ethnographic map that would’ve been the Hungarian delegation’s secret weapon at the Treaty of Trianon.

Even though it wasn’t their fault, the Hungarian maps failed, because the arguments of the winners were stronger than actual ethnic facts.

The makers of the map consciously chose red to mark Hungarians.

Due to the vibrant color, the Hungarian portion seems even more dominant, while the light purple color of the Romanians, who were already the majority in the whole of Transylvania back then, is shadow-like. The map is very elaborate scientifically, but definitely motivated politically: it is characterised by professionalism and manipulative intention at the same time.

The original version of the map designed by Zsigmond Bátky and Károly Kogutowicz was only found recently, after one hundred years.

The map has been digitalised and anyone can browse it online.

He believes that the biggest methodological novelty of the map was the presentation of population density and aspects of mother tongue at the same time.Although his find wasn’t in the news, the high-definition map is already available on Arcanum Mapire’s website.Thanks to Zsombor Bartos-Elekes, who did the geo-reference, the map can now be browsed by anyone online.After 1808, after 1854, and in 1960 it was amalgamated with several smaller settlements.The population of the town has been predominantly Hungarian at least since the late Middle Ages.

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“If it turns out that Hungary’s demands are rightful, and whole Hungarian communities were given to Czechoslovakia and Transylvania like a herd of cattle, just because the conference rejected the discussion of the Hungarian matter, it won’t be easy to defend the case” was the reaction of Lloyd George, which is frequently quoted in Hungary. Even though most people have heard about “carte rouge”, it’s surprising that the location of the much more detailed huge map, which later had a bigger international effect, fell into oblivion.

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