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The Arrival, The Bishop Revival) 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated, Sarajevo, triggering World War I; documented Observer sighting (ref.August) 1940 Over There, Cary Grant stars in The Maltese Falcon (ref.Peter) Over Here, Nina Sharp, attempting to prevent Walter Bishop from going to the alternate universe, loses her right forearm (ref.Peter.) She later claims she lost the arm to cancer in 1997 (ref.Over There, Part II.) He may also have met and worked with Thomas Jerome Newton (speculative) 1979 (approx.) Rebecca Kibner given LSD in an experiment conducted by Walter Bishop and William Bell, enabling her to identify shape-shifting soldiers from the parallel universe (ref. Note: By this time the shape-shifters, AKA the First Wave, had apparently already crossed over into our universe, suggesting that either Walter’s kidnapping of Peter #2 from the Other Side did not, in fact, precipitate their introduction into our universe, or that Rebecca Kibner was somehow able to see visions of future events.) 1981 Cortexiphan trials conducted in Wooster, OH and Jacksonville, FL.Known test subjects include Lloyd Becker, Sally Clark, Olivia Dunham, Miranda Greene, James and Julie Heath, Nick Lane, Nancy Lewis, Timothy Michael Ober, Susan Pratt, Nate Reed, and Alex Taylor. ) Date Unknown, presumed early-to-mid-1980’s Over There, Walternate founds Bishop Dynamic in Jacksonville, FL; creates the Star Wars Missile Defense System for president Ronald Reagan (ref.Nixon assassinated in Dallas, TX; becomes subject of silver dollar (speculative; ref. There’s More Than One of Everything, Peter) Olivia Dunham born Date(s) Unknown, presumed late 1970’s-early 1980’s Walter Bishop and William Bell create a window through which they are able to view the parallel universe and copy its technology (ref. This is likely to have occurred some years before the events of Peter.) William Bell steals alternate world technology which he later uses to build the Massive Dynamic empire.

Peter and the team storm this house and Olivia just about manages to put cuffs on Newton.Episode 10: Grey Matters US Air Date: 10 December 2009 Writer: Zack Stentz, Ashley Edward Miller Director: Jeannot Szwarc A mental patient named Joseph Slater is being tested on in a Boston mental institution; a white object is removed from his skull. After surveying security footage, Olivia recognises Newton as the man coordinating this attack on the institution.Peter and Olivia investigate other patients that have received the same treatment as Slater and they figure out that a doctor, Simon Paris, is the man they need to find.The Bishop Revival) Over There, Ronald Reagan stars in Casablanca (ref. Note: it would seem Humphrey Bogart had no film career to speak of in the AU! Kennedy elected President of the United States Over There, Richard M.Nixon elected President of the United States (speculative; ref. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, TX; becomes subject of silver dollar Over There, Richard M.

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6955 KHZ, The Day We Died) 1770 Boston Massacre; documented Observer sighting (ref.

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