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has several paragraphs describing dynamics of each of these issues (pp.

124-135) and thus lays a good foundation for expansion on these ideas here.

” Here are some bulleted ideas presented in no particular order: provides a distinction between social and emotional loneliness.

Briefly again, Social loneliness is associated with the absence of a rich network of friends with whom you can do many activities.

They have each other but with the absence of many other friendships they depend on each other for all their needs. No one person can provide all the needs of another person. Begin to choose to involve yourself with other people, either individually or couple to couple.

This type relationship produces many symptoms similar to two people co-dependent on each other. This is as simple a choosing to invite people over for an after-church luncheon (or other activity) every other week. Some of the contacts will be duds, but some will click and provide richness to the lives of both of you. Or as Dr Seuss once commented: “you have a brain in your head and feet in your shoes; this simply means you can go wherever you choose.” Condition #4: No confidant or romantic relationship; few friends: This is the worst of the four. Now next week do you think you can say “Hello, how are you? Client: I’ll give it a try Therapist: Good for you! The steps are small but consistent small steps over five years can result in a totally transformed person Once your social network has emerged then follow other suggestions in this prescript for initiating a relationship that may eventually turn into a romance. 127-129) has already provided some pretty good foundational information about the influence of physical beauty or handsomeness.

The therapist would outline a series of baby steps to yield that eventual result. Client: (with a shudder) No Therapist: Do you think you could say “hello” to one worker per day in the coming week? A study that I am currently working with assesses the influence of beauty on marital satisfaction with a sample of 699 couples.

It is, of course, urgent that a person you marry is personally appealing to you.

But here we come to another reality revealed in that study of 699 couples—and many other research projects support those findings. Again, that is just the reality of our market system.

The most pathetic situation is when a person is lonely on both fronts.

They do not have a rich network of friends nor do they have a romantic partner or close confidant.

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The suggestions described in the second paragraph of Condition #3 provides an excellent starting point. How often does the Bible talk about some woman being “comely” or “beautiful” or “exceeding fair”? Since we cannot get away from society’s obsession with beauty, it is wise to play the game to some extent.

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