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A luan cia 2013 in 2014 tiang ahkhan The Chinland post nih an chuah mi thawngzamh Cazual cu CNA Camp ah ram le miphun caah rian a tuanmi kan Chin ralkap pawl nih rel kho ve hna seh tiah miphun zawnruahnak he kum 2 khengte bak a rak hlut bal hna.

Cun amah pumpak tialmi cauk 2 zong a rak hlut chih hna.

Staying healthy, nourishing connections with family and friends, and maintaining a sense of optimism and inspiration in our work, while deeply valued by each of us, had somehow been downgraded to optional when the going got a little tough.

As we learned more about the significance of this misalignment and reflected honestly on how social change work was affecting the office itself, we decided to dive into expressive change together.

A tu zongah CNA caah ti in Boot Keden tuah 100 le hmawza zei mawzat aa hlut thiam thiam hna.

It was the emergence of collective and personal commitments to do things like “ban lunch meetings”, “book more work parties to tackle the hard stuff together”, and “play gently with bureaucratic norms” (for more on this see our blog post on The Simple, Feel-Good Things).

The expressive change sessions offered us a chance to reflect on how our tendency to over-work and burn out in the name of “fostering a culture of sustainability at Mc Gill” was literally standing in the way of us creating a thriving hub of positive change while supporting and learning from others doing the same.

It was also an opportunity to look at our relationships with other people in the Mc Gill community and consider ways we could infuse these valued connections with authenticity, generosity, and a little bit of playfulness.

This is based on the observation that some of the most vibrant and socially transformative organizations are places “where there is a promising confusion about who is serving whom – schools where teachers learn and grow, food banks where staff and volunteers are nourished, hospitals where doctors are healed, social justice groups where activists are surprised to find their vision of a better world taking root in their own offices.” This observation was particularly poignant for a group of people literally working on a vision.

Here’s the situation we had found ourselves in: over a period of two years, our office had been working on a project called Vision 2020.

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