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These are ingredients present in immunizations injected directly into the bloodstreams of our children.

The dramatic increase in the last 20 years of autism, learning disabilities, allergies, asthma in our children is alarming.

Additionally, children who are home-schooled but participate in “any public or private school activities (classroom, extra curriculum activity, or sport)” must also abide by the new regulations, in order to “promote the public health interest for all children and adults involved,” according to the health department.

The new regulations went into effect June 21, along with an updated immunization schedule to the state immunization regulation.

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The bitter truth was that AIDS did not just happen to America – It was allowed to happen by an array of institutions, all of which failed to perform their appropriate tasks to safeguard the public health …

Hawes said that most children will have already had the hepatitis A vaccine and meningitis booster, because of recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.

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Letters to the editor are a great way to earn media attention for our cause if they are done well.

Jill Keys, clinical services officer and registered nurse with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, said the revisions require any child over a year old going into daycare or school to receive two doses of the hepatitis A vaccine and to receive a booster to the meningitis vaccine at age 16. said the new requirements were made to help “encourage our families and children to be protected from these diseases.

Kentucky Department for Public Health Commissioner Dr. “We are starting to see a rise in cases of measles, mumps, chicken pox and other diseases that had been previously eliminated within our communities,” Polk said in a news release.

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