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Sein auffälliger Kleidungsstil und seine extravaganten Tattoos machten ihn auch zur aufstrebenden Mode-Ikone.

Er absolvierte Laufstegauftritte für Marken wie Fendi und ließ sich von Starfotograf Mario Testino für das Cover des "V"-Magazins ablichten.

Winslet's experience was comforting to her co-star, who hasn't gained much experience in the art of a steamy scene.

"It was weirder for me because I haven't done too many love scenes," he admitted to E!

In the Pitch Perfect movies, she plays the vocal powerhouse Cynthia Rose, but IRL, Ester Dean is an actress, producer, and songwriter trifecta.Ester is credited for producing on Rihanna’s album “Loud,” on Katy Perry and Flo Rida tracks, and more.Coming from humble beginnings in Oklahoma, Ester hustled her way up to the top of the music Francia Raisa first rose to fame when she starred in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Bring It On: All or Nothing,” back in the early 2000’s.'s Zuri Hall at the Toronto International Film Festival.Despite any awkwardness for the actors, some fans can't help but be envious of Winslet, whose had a bevy of hunky co-stars throughout her career—including, of course, Leonardo Di Caprio. While she and her fellow vacationing together in St. Instead, they were together for just 19 hours in honor of a wonderful cause. Leo did his annual fundraiser for the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation," the star clarified.

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