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Similar to the vodianyk, a rusalka is a mermaid-like creature known for drowning men and children.According to legend, women who die in or near a river might return as a rusalka.Many creatures in Slavic folklore have counterparts in Western mythology.Visit to learn more about Ukraine's legendary creatures.Known for his pale skin, piercing eyes, and beard made of grass and vines, the lesovik travels in the company of wolves or bears and orchestrates mass migrations.Though the lesovok isn’t evil, he’s a mischievous being who hides woodsmen's axes, kidnaps young women, and tickles men to death in his cave.

Sign up Process To sign up, simply enter your name, gender, email and a password to begin, or join up with your Facebook account.A domovyk is a spirit said to keep peace and order in a household.Every home traditionally has a domovyk which may help out with chores or warn family members of danger.However, not all creatures in Ukrainian folklore are true to life.Here are 7 legendary beings and their role in Ukraine’s history and culture.

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Farmers and shepherds try to get in the lesovik’s good graces by giving him cross pendants and making pacts to protect the woods.

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