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The always-chic star loves putting a stamp on her understated daytime outfits with high fashion accessories, and looked particularly stylish in her timeless Breton stripe top styled with Céline cat eye sunnies.

The transparent shades put a youthful, edgy twist on her simple ensemble and they’re the type of specs that’ll go with everything thanks to their Perspex design.

The title was selected by the (evil) editor because she thought it was funny, A little background on myself, I’m (obviously) single, have never been married, and, until very recently, had never availed myself to the intriguing world of online dating.

In early December 2013, after my girlfriend and I broke up (i.e., she dumped me), I joined a dating site specific to Greeks because, duh, I am Greek and figured that, since I’ve had no luck meeting “that special someone” on my own, maybe it was time to take the leap.

Helen lived in New Jersey, so I offered to drive and meet her there instead.

However, she insisted on having the date in Astoria, Queens, explaining that she had many friends there and would make a day of our date. Come Sunday, Helen called with more bad news: she was having gall bladder issues and needed to reschedule once again.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a heartless ghoul, I was (and am) sympathetic to her medical plight, but we had spoken on the phone more than once, including a discussion about her illnesses that were causing cancellations.

She was going to be on antibiotics for ten days and wanted to be in perfect condition for our date.

We postponed once again until the first Sunday in February.

On the Thursday before our newly rescheduled date, Helen sent me an excited text, asking if I was available to get together that night. The plan was to meet at pm at a romantic, out-of-the-way Brazilian restaurant in Astoria.

No, I guess it was better to surprise me with both a mere 5 minutes into our date. Surely she could NOT have forgotten that her profile read “Never Married.” When I inquired about her wedding, she proceeded to tell me how she had married a guy “from the homeland” who had apparently used her to secure legal status in this country, then got the hell out of Dodge.

For the record, she has a mild, very treatable form of MS, and you would never know she has it. I suddenly felt an immense connection with this guy. About 5 minutes into the appetizer that only I enjoyed, she launched into an anti-Semitic attack on her brother’s Rockland County neighborhood.

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