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Despite two female MPs winning by-elections between 19, and other women being elected, the total number of female MPs fell to 118 at the 2001 general election.

A further 22 stood down or lost their seats at the 2005 general election, although the number of female MPs increased again to a new record of 127.

I was wanting to get some information on how to update the BIOS on my G20CB.

Most guides regarding BIOS updates or Overclocking, which is something I am looking into, usually just refer to doing this by the type of Motherboard that is installed in the PC on which you would want to go about doing this.

I really don't know lol)Regardless of all this my PC runs great on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and I love being able to fully utilize my GTX 1070 in the games I play.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the administration and management of the Federation in all matters not explicitly within the competence of the General Assembly as defined in the Statues.

Trust me if I had the money I would've just built a desktop from scratch and in all honesty I'm sure I could've just built a better than or equal to rig for gaming but IMO I thought it would be best to just buy from a company known for gaming PCs and just get a pre-made desktop to learn all the ins and outs before I can gut this one for the GPU, SSD, SSHD and install them in a RIG in the future.

Thanks again for reading and hope to hear back from anybody willing to help me update the BIOS or let me know to not even worry about it at all.

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Blair Babes or Blair's Babes is a term sometimes used to refer to the 101 female Members of Parliament from the Labour Party elected to the British House of Commons in Labour's landslide general election victory in 1997, The 1997 general election saw more women elected to the House of Commons than ever – 120, exactly double the 60 elected at the 1992 general election.

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They are tasked to: The Executive Committee conducts strategic planning for FIDIC including: the continuous assessment of developments affecting the consulting industry; the planning of actions to reposition FIDIC, when required; and the reviewing and updating of the current strategic plan.

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