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It's amazing how much other cultures put family first and I really admire that about him. I speak basic Indonesian and am trying to learn more as we are raising my daughter to be bilingual. (Not born in Hong Kong, but China.) We do not plan on supporting his parents financially or in our house when they get older, but of course will always be here for them. I recently (Canadian) visittevisiteds morocco, met a guy, got married.It's so nice to be able to communicate with my In Laws in their native tongue, and as PP said, a little effort goes a long way. I know it's a "disappointment" to his mom that I'm not Chinese and don't speak their language, but they speak English perfectly fine. The main thing for us is to communicate about things and try to be on the same page. He luckily speaks English and French (along with Arabic) but his mother and siblings only speak Arabic (save for his older brother who lives very far,he speaks French) he has a sister 2 years younger than me who seems very nice.Don't forget that it does go both ways- when a child supports the parents, he/she also gets most of the inheritance :p You should talk to your boyfriend about expectations.I have an older brother, and my parents do not expect him or us to support them.He is teaching me bits and pieces of Arabic, 'how are you' 'hi' 'good'. But when we are all together he usually just translates for me.Also, if I'm alone with his mother we will do non verbal bonding. In his cultures all the boys support their parents, but it's a group effort and he has 3 brothers so I'm fine.This is a conversation you should be having with your man.Not all Asian parents nowadays require support while almost all adult children I know do give an allowance.

My parents luckily have done better planning their retirement so it's a matter of what happens when their health starts to decline.Divorces, separations and the loss of loved ones can leave us feeling unsure of how to proceed and questioning whether we should at all.But it’s never too late to find love, companionship and happiness, no matter what your age is!Since he is the first born in his family we have heard that it is expected that he will basically support his parents once he starts making good money (we are both still in college). My mother seems to think that we will have serious issues with money along the way since he will be expected to give a large amount of money to his parents.Which I am Ok with in some case, but I do not see how supporting a wife, parents, and/or possible kids will work successfully.

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Actually, they have supported us beyond childhood by giving us money for home down payments, free babysitting, etc. My parents do speak Vietnamese, my dad better than my mom, and my dad and husband have a relationship -- drink, talk together, etc.

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